Beef Kebab

40 min


2-3 people


  • Beef, veal (pulp or shoulder) - 500g.,
  • Pork lard - 150g.,
  • AllSpiceWorld seasoning “For minced meat"
  • Onions - 1 pc.,
  • Bread - 50g.,
  • Salt
  • Greens

Method of preparation

Finely chop the meat and lard, mix, sprinkle with salt, seasoning “For minced meat”, cover with chopped onions and greens and set aside in the fridge for ~ 2 hours for marination.

Grind the meat and place into a bowl. Add the soaked bread, gently squeezing it out the excess water. Mix and beat the minced meat well on a cutting board, moistened with water.

Wet your hands and form small sausages out of minced meat - you can skewer the meat, squeezing it to mold it the skewer.

Place a frying pan on a stove and heat the oil. Place the kebabs into the frying pan and grill it on all sides without breading, then serve immediately.

Separately serve coarsely chopped green onions and lemon slices, ketchup or Rosso sauce (the recipe can be found in our group).

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