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WE are a family-owned enterprise for the production of premium seasonings, made according to our own recipes, without salt, preservatives, dyes, flavors and other artificial ingredients.

Our goal is to supply ONLY QUALITY ORGANIC SPICES AND SEASONINGS for HEALTHY FOOD, as well as the development of a spice consumption culture in Moldova.

Perfectly balanced mixes guarantee the preparation of delicious and healthy dishes, even for beginners in cooking. Moreover, each ingredient has a certain healing effect, and the mixture as a whole, with a regular consumption, increases immunity.
And for professionals working in the restaurant business, we are ready to create exclusive mixes for preparing traditional and modern dishes that would distinguish their establishments from competitors.

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Seasonings "For Coffee"

We have something truly unique, that is a whole series of “For Coffee” seasonings, which cannot be found anywhere else. Carefully adjusted proportions will bring new exotic tastes to an everyday ritual and help you dive into the real aromas of oriental and Arabian coffee.

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